Drives - Missing Z drive/District Shared drives

Shared drives are only available when  you are physically in a Westport School Building.   At this time Charter's proprietary firewall does not allow access to internal servers.   Tony has ordered a firewall to replace this and has been working with Charter to coordinate installation.

If you are located in a Westport School building and are still not able to see your shares it may be due to a missing Windows update.   Please run updates on the weekends as some take a long time to install.   To run the updates - In the "Type here to search" box on the bottom left of your desktop, please type check for updates  and hit enter.    Then you should get a list of updates.   Scroll down and click Update or Restart and Update.   You may have to do this several times.

If you have already run the updates but are still not able to see shared drives, please enter a Helpdesk ticket as it may be an issue with your group policy configuration.
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